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Jul 2018
Some people pretend they are homeless on hard times
But the detail is not fine
Some people will beg for Financial help to the public
It is fraud homeless being a test
So a be used becomes an automatic refuse
Where do fraud homeless come off in wanting the public to support their Survival Case
It is nothing but than a time waste
Fraud Fraud Fraud
Oh my Lord
Homeless Fraud expect s money to come from your pocket at the public’s expense
The public’s money is earned and not Heaven sent
Homeless Fraud wants their request to be your response
We are supposed to comply
But the question is always why?
A Homeless Fraud needs to try too help themselves
There is no like everybody else
As it stands, Homeless Fraud and True Homeless person issue demands on the public in their stride
No matter what we cannot always provide
Yet this isn’t a suppose
This is just annoying being consistence in arose
Homeless Fraud needs to end
A new horizon that needs to begin
Homeless alternatives with a solution
The answer is on the Homeless Fraud with their own resolutions
Draw your own conclusion.
Written by
preservationman  New York City
(New York City)   
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