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Jul 2018



Painted stage
Painted lips
Painted face

Eyes glow and watch from darkness and your smile shows sharp teeth

(Come and dance with me)

Wooden stage
Wooden mask
Wooden eyes

After centuries of acting, you’d think we'd know how to act alive

(Let’s burn this place down)

The conductor and the cameras and the jerking strings of fate

Puppet show
False hopes
Thought we had control but it’s too late

(The camera has glowing red eyes)

(You say it looks like a demon in disguise)

I’m real life and paper sketches
Stretched thin over a thousand lives
Barely living mine
While you write how I die again

(I’m not the hero- I don’t get the happy end)

Sudden hot breath and something like sin
A sound near my ear
I can’t let them win
But the cameras are rolling
I’m just an actor on stage
And when parents catch their kids watching
They say I’m the one to blame

We’re spiraling down-
Cutesy plays in elementary
And wild songs and dances
And then suddenly
We forget we need to advance

Put my name on an application-
Just more paper, lost to the wind

You dragged me to lights
And then you dragged me to sin

But the pays good
So I guess I’ll let you win.
Written by
What4221  🚗
         ---, Vanya Azzahra, Crazy Diamond Kristy, ---, Khoi-San and 2 others
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