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Jul 2018
from the start
I should've saw your mischievous heart
Like the girl who talked to you when we were eating lunch
"But, you said you had a crush on me." she exclaimed, yet I didn't have a hunch.

you're.. a player.

I should've saw any sign.
but slowly the shards of painful memories pass by that I find
you took two girls to the homecoming dance,
but before that, we had our first romance
why did I trust you to be loyal
maybe because I was blinded with love and was treated royal
there was too many signs...
Like the messages I saw on your phone when I checked the time,
that person calling you the same loving names you wanted me to call you?
her name, "Alaina?"
You convinced me it was just a "role-play" and I didn't see any red flags?
I just wanted to believe you loved me
the girl's name, Alaina
...who is Alaina?
From the very start I checked the time on your phone. I asked, "who's Alaina?"
"she's just a friend."
as months go by, you start calling me Alaina more and more.
you didn't even notice.
I strongly believe she wasn't just a friend the entire time.
Written by
Talia  16/F/USA
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