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Jul 2018
I know it's wrong
but I can't get rid of you
I know I should move on
But you taste to good
the rush
the high
you fill this void that i struggle to even mention
you fill this void that i try to hide from everyone
and i can never get enough
I can never leave you behind
because you were there for me when nobody was
you helped me sleep at night
you helped me make friends
you helped me when nobody could
thank you Xanax
but this is a good bye
you almost took my life
you stabbed me in the back and left
when I tried to break away you reminded me of my faults
you dragged me into my casket and wanted nothing good for me
you got me *****
you got me almost killed
you got me hospitalized
you tore my family away from me
I can't even have a relationship without you ruining my chances
Xanax, I loved you
but all things come to an ended
I have out grown you
passed you
I need a break from your temptations
I am sorry
but I chose my life
Aaliyah  Houvener
Written by
Aaliyah Houvener  18/F
   Tompson, George and Fawn
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