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Jul 2018
Generating a ring
     of bright waters, which
currently meanders, ponders,
     and then streams - twitch
ching reflexively as flora
     and fauna lap rich
text chard liquid
     timelessly streaming, rippling,

     and quivering pitch
sure risk gully confidently
     babbling, bobbing, bubbling,
     burbling loch a king
     dominating his rill small niche
wade ding in the wings,
     one doth espy, (sans oxbow lake)
     analogous to an err

     river rent sea sunned bay sic
     wide whirled, whetted, webbed itch
perhaps berthed as a ******* creek,
     and/or survivor of a ****
ling, which ordinary
     happenstance attempts
     to anthropomorphize
     life giving resource hitch

ching various synonyms for water,
     where sustenance to biosphere
     can become flushed out
     vis a vis via an ecological glitch
which dry dystopian scenario,
     within the realm
     of human activities circumstance
     leaving most animals plants awash

     bay sic lee lurching,
     gasping, and choking
     within an immense oceanic ditch
availing an alien landscape
     awash with post apocalyptic
     desiccated global cribbage
match, where the losing hand
     would be a real *****,

thus summarily, punctiliously, and merrily
     describes the edifying whirlpool
     life sike ****
where countless marine species will flounder
     (literally like a fish out of water)
     viz deadened ghyll.
Written by
matthew scott harris  58/M/schwenksville, penna
(58/M/schwenksville, penna)   
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