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Jul 2018
isn't it funny that no matter how much pain you can be in you can't seem to let go? even if you feel like dying you can't. because for whatever reason you just can't let go. maybe its because you made a promise to someone, maybe because your all someone has left.

for me its someone. not just one but many. i cant go because people need a nice girl to talk to or a shoulder to cry on. you never know what one person has going on inside their head. all you can do is be nice to everyone because that one word could change someones life, that one push could ruin everything.

we are all human no one wants to show how sad there are or how much they need someones help.
to all the people who need help im here for you i know ** hard it can be but your never alone
Written by
Bloop poems  14/Earth
   Scorpio, JL Smith and Fawn
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