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Jul 2018
As I lie in bed,
I think about my life.
I wonder about the future,
And I contemplate the past.

I begin to feel tears stream,
Down my exhausted face,
And before I decide,
If I should stay alone.

I remember a face,
One covered in fur.
Yes, it might sound strange,
But he’s my only hope.

I creep down the stairs,
Each creaking as I move.
I fight back tears,
As a look to the face.

This face looks old,
But he’s fairly new.
He has never said anything,
To make me unhappy.

In fact,
He’s said nothing at all.
Yet, it’s always this face,
That I look to.

I don’t wanna cry,
Before I meet him.
Hoping I can fool him,
Into thinking I’m fine.

But alas, I find him,
He’s on the couch sleeping.
That’s always the case.
He’s right where I need him.

As I look into his eyes,
I realize that I have,
No reason to cry.
I kneel down to put my head on his heart.

He looks at me,
With his wide, curious eyes,
And I know that he can feel,
My sadness drain away.

He is my best friend,
He knows how to help,
No matter how much,
I’m hurting, he’ll always be there.

He is a dog to you,
But to me,
He is a lifesaver.
He licks my hand and tells me it’s ok.

My dog is not just loyal,
He’s a superhero.
I need him,
Like I need oxygen.
I wrote this about my basset hound, Charlie, tonight because I realized (with tears falling down my face) that i needed him, and I just wanted to give him a little shoutout.... ❤️ I love you Charlie
Written by
Kae  14/F/Maine, 🇺🇸
(14/F/Maine, 🇺🇸)   
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