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Nov 2012
I’ll ring you late,
about ten.
you’ll say
and we meet
at the coffee shop,
wallpaper peeled
on each side,
but my favourite.

two coffees,
soy latte for me,
mocha for yourself.
We wander down
abandoned roads
unsure of the destination,
but sure of ourselves,
as we are lost
in conversation.

Cigarette smoke
in air,
and heartbeat quickened,
i feel my love
for you grow.
Yet how can I love
when it is not returned?
Why am i stuck
to my emotions,
grounded by will?

Heartbeat is racing now.
I want to kiss you,
hold you,
the air is cold
and I wish to be warmed
by you,
and only you.
Sabrina D
Written by
Sabrina D  Perth.
   BarelyABard, --- and Mike T
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