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Jul 16
All I adore and so much more
Mí amor eres mi todo, my spanish is a little rough but my love for you is not
The way she holds my hand it feels so euphoric
I hope you know my love that I adore you
I adore you with my whole being and that will never change
My heart beats only for you I do not mean to sound cliché but it’s absolutely true
You are always on my mind no matter what
The view of you never fails to take my breath away
I know we have not known each other for very long but I hope to know you forever
You are the light in my life not only because your smile lights up a room but also you give me the light for my candle
Without you I would be left in the dark and I pray to *** that nothing will ever end up breaking us apart
Emily McCracken-Iverson
Written by
Emily McCracken-Iverson  17/F/Minnesota
   Emily Williams
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