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Jul 2018
Crackling of fish frying
Corn boiling
Momma sewing
The best days for Tj
He remembers them so
How sad it is
His heart is low
The joke she told he missed
All because candy needed a fix
Hugs, kisses, and love he dissed
While selling bricks
He wished for more time
But always had to grind
She wanted him and
He wanted money
Why couldn’t he just let her be his mommy?
How could he they needed a dad
No man in his life only fiends
And addicts filed his dreams
With a habit that no one could
Green, chains, and women
How could he say no?
While his mother cries
He lies and the community
Dies all for wallet size
All he had to do was be a sun
So he could rise up
But he set every night
Losing his inner light
They did finally talk
They finally made time
She offered dinner
And he decided to go after nine
However the devil had plans
He wronged a addict long ago
Now he was looking to say hello
With a knife gun or a ***
My how that arsenal grows
Tj made it home stunned to see
No mom in the home
Food still hot
He didn’t know but his mom been popped
See on the way back with rolls
The addict filled her with holes
Thinking that Tj was driving
From back in the day
So he pulled a Mac-11
Which sent she her to heaven
At the funeral many cried and yelled
Yet Tj decided to skip and bail
All because he had another brick to sell
Miguel Carmona
Written by
Miguel Carmona  25/M/Atlanta
   APriCoT, Jen, Fawn and ---
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