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Jul 2018
She offered much, so humbly gave
With which we forged our futile ways
Utility wielded by a sightless maid
Servant to her, claimed by the Shade


More than just a state of mind
Shared like a plague to cross divides
Not just fate, this snake it hides
Our bliss is cover, shield your eyes

Listen, persist this sixth sense
Ignore what's causing all this mess
Solemn sorrows, bowed heads
Don't you know it'll strike you next?

Don't trust shadow, don't trust stars
They light your gaze like a flare from afar
Reflections, yes it's on it's guard
Maze of mirrors, exits barred

She's been disturbed, our Nature's gift
We took with greed and narrowed slits
Hunger tamed makes beings game
Yet edge is lost when support goes lame

Took from once, stolen twice
Beat her down then bid goodbye
Now she's risen, strong again
But against the man she called her friend

First comes trouble, then comes anarchy
The rumbling grounds, still they'll never be
Then with orbs you'll consume such energy
Punished by plague, blessed be deadly
With such recklessness, Fate is nearly sealed. Mother Nature will only tolerate so much of the dog that bites the Mistress's hand
Written by
Viseract  19/M/Adelaide
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