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Jul 2018
Flowers bloom through waters blue
And rain falls down from the sky
The clouds are gray and the rose decays
But know you will always be mine…

I love her so, that darling girl
That girl in the long, blue dress
Her eyes are bright in this darkened night
As she waits for the chance to confess…

She sings despite the rainy clouds
I smile because of her charm
But with her and me along this beach
I long to hold her in my arms…

Her eyes shine gold in the sun’s soft rays
And are silver when calm and clear
They shine like stars in a shadowed sky
And are green when she's glad and dear

I wish she’d accept my loving words
I desire her heart and mind
I long to kiss the scowl from her face
And to secure her heart as mine…
Couldn't explain this to you if I wanted to. It came up when I was writing a story and this was the end result. *Ahem* I'm straight. (Not that it matters, is my response to all those that rolled their eyes.) Perhaps this is a reflection of the way I want someone to look at me.
Written by
Cassia  F/Nowhere
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