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Jul 2018
Not from a James Bond Flick
He is Mr. Big who was slick
I see you grasping for air
Yeah Mr. Big was beyond compare
Mr. Big was a Gambling and Player Mobster
You could say he was large like a Lobster
Mr. Big stood 6’3 dangerous tall
He was also known too all
He appeared like a Monster if he was to attack
In fact, if you were to hit him with a baseball bat it would crack
Money and Ladies is what Mr. Big was about
When it came to romantic interludes, it would be oh Mr. Big in shout
Mr. Big was heavy in Gambling
Heavy sums in money, and if he didn’t win, a few broken bones on oppositions
Well Mr. Big was large and in charge and didn’t need any permission
After all, Mr. Big had the name for a reason
It had nothing to do with seasons
Yet Mr. Big was a big spender
He wore expensive Diamond Rings, and Gold plated Bracelets with Custom made suits
Mr. Big was big in business pursuits
He also had tattoos on both arms that read, “BIG BY CHOICE”
When Mr. Big enters a room attention is mounted on the spot
Woman would stare upon stare and couldn’t stop
The woman were like butter and would melt just by the sheer size of Mr. Big
I should also mention Mr. Big had bulging muscles on his arms
Mr. Big might be considered as a King Kong alarm
One could always see a mobster with detail
Everything to gain and nothing to fail
One time Mr. Big got into a fight with another Mobster known as “The Shield” and Mr. Big’s suit sleeves Jacket rip with stress from his anger
It was apparent of the look at Mr. Big’s biceps being a tip
But that didn’t stop the Shield in intimidation
So the fight was on
The mission, there’s only room for one mobster and that’s Mr. Big, Chief Mobster
Mr. Big and The Shield had their bout
There was definitely no way out
The Shield attempted to toss Mr. Big but he was too big
You dig
Mr. Big picked up the shield like it was nothing
It was as if the Shield was weights
Mr. Big later dropped the Shield hard, and the Shield was knocked out cold
Mr. Big was powerful and bold
Well Mr. Big won and proved he was the true king pin
Mr. Big wants you to wager your bets
This is as good as it is going to get
Mr. Big conquered and saw
No need for me too go further and continue in explore.
Written by
preservationman  New York City
(New York City)   
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