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Jul 2018
Pseudocoma state.
Mind, you receive
according to the EEG,
but the body in their presence
cannot respond.

Altered state of consciousness,
stroke of feelings,
permanent paralysis  of thought.
Vertical eye movements,
now they mean the same.
No difference between answering
yes and no.

There is something last to blink to you about ignorant world.
Whether the blinking will be up or down
nothing equals nothing to the infinite
in the present tense.

For all, a passage from light to the darkness
from here to gone.
There is no immortality,
just an ECG monitor that will indicate
’You may proceed to the morgue’.

Place your hands  on your faces
and rip out your fake eyes with force.
Save the matching crocodile tears
for one of your own.

With or without them,
your frivolous existences
blind and hypocrites to the core.

I refuse!
Till the end, I will not.
You are locked-out of my world.
melinoe immortal
Written by
melinoe immortal  Necropolis
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