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Jul 2018
sometimes it seems there
is no escape from your mind
when life twists your light.

you can't recognize
yourself anymore after
all your stars collide.

on the horizon
of the black hole in your life
full of lessons past.

self-destructive mind
remembering the heartbreak,
the ungentle death

of a giant cloud,
pain so hot that you explode
birthing brighter stars.

but you still feel small.
smaller than the Earth you walk
that is smaller than

the Sun it circles
around, that is smaller than
the galaxy it

floats in, smaller than
the universe they reside.
But they don't know they're

small, and neither should
you, full of galaxies. you
are a universe.

but a universe
can yield violence beyond
comprehension. with

every heartbreak, and
with every tear, a lesson
making you think twice--

did i do this right?
everything has a lifespan,
not a forever.

these are not times you should wish to reverse,
these are just the actions of a restless universe.
elle jaxsun
Written by
elle jaxsun  28/Non-binary/🏜
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