Jul 2018
She remembers the first time she watched him leave
She remembers the way her voice shook as she exhaled
And as she watched him turn the corner
She asked with trembling hands and a fast beating heart,
"Does this ever get easier?"
And no one answered.
She was alone,  
Save for the cold breeze biting at her bones
And the deep purple sky filling her lungs
She closed her eyes.
That was then.
And now,
This is the last time she will ever say goodbye to him.
It's different this time.
A proper goodbye,
Bittersweet and all.
She turns the corner, looking back at him once more
She watches him as she leaves
Drowns in his smile one final time
Listens to the sound of his laughter, although it makes her heart clench
And while she doesn't believe in silver lining,
She thinks that perhaps someone can smooth out the rough edges of life.
Not him.
He warms her up from the inside out
But he burns when she gets too close.
He makes her cheeks turn pink
And her hands blister.
She exhales.
The sands of time flow through her hands,
Days turn to years,
Memories fade,
But the constant flow of time between her fingers is almost comforting
Life moves fast,
And everything has now come to a close
But for the first time in a long time
She thinks she's okay with that.
I remember when I wrote this. Tbh most of this ain't even a metaphor lol
Written by
Rj  14/F/Ottawa
   adrian and H-B
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