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Jul 2018
Sleeping is so hard
When I can’t stop thinking
And my soul is sad and weary
The covers are wrapped all around me
So maybe I can warm my heart
Before it falls out of the holes on my sleeves
Because it’s so tired of the screaming of my brain
And my mouth is dry
From all the unsaid words I’ve never said
Even with water next to my bed  
My brain pounds against my skull
Begging for its escape
Begging to be let go from it’s torture
I guess you could call it a headache
But my skin is so tight  
Feeling as if I’m trapped in my own body
And each time I try to close my eyes
They only scream at me
All these voices in my head
Telling me such nasty thing
Sleeping is so hard
When I can never stop thinking
I’m so tired. It’s currently 1:22 am. I’m still awake. With all these thoughts and feelings, when all I want to do is sleep. P L E A S E    L E T  M E   S L E E P
Pure of Stars
Written by
Pure of Stars  16/F/i don’t know
(16/F/i don’t know)   
     Alec, Anton, ---, DrippingWatercolors, Alex and 7 others
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