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Jul 2018
We are acknowledged as human beings.

The difference between need and change,
Reminded her about Derrida's defferance.

Being a human,
She is mostly in need of someone.
Or, sometimes seeking for a better one.

Though she owned everything,
She demanded something.
Although she knew to dance, draw and sing,
Her heart ached to possess a fling.

The undivided universe revolves around three elements,
Apart from the God-given five elements.
Cash, food and flesh.
She was always in a rush
Who forgot to blush on seeing her crush

Though love seems to be a priority,
Some of us don't have the time to stop and relish one's individuality.
But has all the liberty to judge other's sexuality,
And feel sorry about an unknown casualty.
Most of us have never hesitated to escape reality
Thus our face encourages duality.

Though the universe grasps the truth,
The concept of acceptance became an issue,
Maybe, that's why some great words were used as a tissue.
Trying not to get the point, but just get offended.
The confused woman heard, "accept, don't expect".
Thus she accepted the truth, "Money makes many things"
And she stopped expecting a change.
Written by
Sasevardhni  25/F/Singapore
       L B, Fawn, August Fors, Umang, Ain and 5 others
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