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Jul 2018
Resisting life’s beautiful sonnet in favor of death’s cold embrace, as I look for you, I start to lose myself, while I search deeper, I fall further, as I continue to lose the light, in a place that there was once love, now only lives hate

Although my mind is at peace, my soul is at war, as I struggle with being caught in the middle, and halfway through the door, but I don’t leave, as my heart continues to craves more and more

Yet somehow I’m not afraid to stay, cause maybe it was the love or the drugs, that helped make me this way, as the trill is gone but still I chose to go on

Deep down I know that I’m not whole, while I watch as it takes it toll yet I can’t help but feel so alone

Though I start to ponder, if maybe it might be hopeless to wonder, that you could just be hiding, in the darkest parts of life, as I continue to embrace, the darker sides of life

While willingly knowing, that maybe things will never be the same, yet you still ask yourself, can I ever truly be whole, with a forever tortured soul
John Mendoza
Written by
John Mendoza  24/M/Brooklyn, NY
(24/M/Brooklyn, NY)   
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