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Nov 2012
only acknowledged when awake
seems so easy once above
the labyrinth
of physicality
illusory creations
of geometric energy.
in the wired perception of reality
that all was taught was taught by teachers
teaching what was taught to them
not knowing the alteration
and miscommunication
developing over the generations.

only reactions
that is what defines me
how I respond
in certain situations
how I speak and spew
opinions I heard elsewhere
plagiarizing  ideas
that never really belonged to anyone

I, me, the abstract concept of "Malachi"
is an
a mathematical program designed to optimize relations
with continuity to any situation provided

I, concept
sleep soundly in my dream
hating, complaining, idealizing
while all opportunities
pushed my way
are ignored

for I slumber

I gave my freedom long ago
to become an automated machine
a complex voice-mail

an entity who never picks up the phone
never responding consciously

trapped in the spell of samsara
identifying with the machine

lost in the maze
no guaranteed escape

even though the exit is under my nose
Malachi Filius
Written by
Malachi Filius  Earth
   Jamie King, K Mae and Lucky Queue
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