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Jul 2018
Love.! Love feels different all over the world, love is shown different all over the world; that’s just start depending by the family small interactions until to the personal final growth among the so called friends.  Now, looking back I finally realised I was so blind and every tear in front of my distracted face was a ‘cry for help to let me know that I’m badly losing you; baby girl I want to let you know that I’m so-sorry for making you feel diffident and I’m glad that you were there helping and supporting me everytime, beside that fact.  Even if those late-thoughts maybe will never make you change your mind, I’m still writing this down for both of us. Harmfully and insidious all the way, I destroyed your beautiful innocence and because of your enormously love for me, you let this...ungrateful child at that time, change your smile for eternity. Then, for sure the distance between us in the past time opened me a door to a totally new mindset with you as a mandatory focus point. It’s not about a second chance, I just feel like you are the chosen one and i don’t want to lose you because of my mistakes. As you can see, this time I’m hyper-aware regarding you, stuck on this idea and I will go for it until I’ll be able to make you see that there is us, two independent people making a deal that they will help make other person the best and happiest version of themselves.
Written by
lilhadi  22/M/Pakistan
     Fawn and Rick the shoe shine boy
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