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Jul 2018

They say you're a Monster
A vile villain, A Hideous Beast

And that might be true
You've painted a fearsome picture
An image that chills people to their very core
Guarding your soul in deceit
Surrounding yourself within a den of lies
though the whispers of the shadows
This power bestowed from above
But you love this Fear
The fear that you create
That stirs the souls of the weak
And kills everything made in the name of love
I'm standing here with you
I should be afraid
I know.
You expect me to tremble
To cower at your feet
But this fear wont stop me from seeing
It wont stop me from unveiling the truth
The reality behind that mask that you wear
This power and persona that you've fabricated
Is hiding the real you within there
You may not be forgiven for everything you've done
But I'm willing to stand by you, I'll stay with you
I'll promise you that I'll never run
And though I may fear the consequences of seeing
And in a fleeting moment you could tear me apart
but this fear that beats simply wont stop me
It wont stop me from finding your Heart

You're more than
A Monster shrouded in lies.

People build up an image to protect themselves from getting hurt and though through protecting themselves they hurt others and paint a cruel image of themselves for the world to see
Deep down underneath all of that you can see who they truly are
They are what you call a Monster shrouded in lies
They've made themselves into a monster and the life they live is all a lie
Written by
Nyx  18/F/Shadows of the Opera
(18/F/Shadows of the Opera)   
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