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Nov 2012
It was the perfect solution.
I was too nervous to ask her out
And I was pretty sure
She felt the same way about me.

I think it happened
During a Geography lesson
(We talked alot during Geography lessons)
And my friend suggested
To his girlfriend
That the four of us
Should all go out
To the cinema.


Sitting in the darkness
Next to her
What could possibly go wrong?

I can't remember if it was after school
Or on a Saturday afternoon
But I was very excited
As I was getting ready.
Brushed my teeth
Combed my hair
And then set off.

My friend was already outside the cinema
Waiting for me
And he said we ought to go in
And buy our tickets.

"What about the girls?", I asked.

"They've decided not to come", he said.

And that's how I found myself

Sitting in the darkness
Next to him
Wondering when this ****** film would finish.
I believe the film was called "Dune".
Don't ask me what it was about, I haven't got a clue.
I just sat there, quietly crying into my Kia-Ora, wondering why my life was so ****.
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