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Jul 2018
At first I had a crush on you
Moths in my stomach 'fore I even knew
Seeing your hair, feeling your strong arm on my side
I have no idea how my feelings managed to hide
Day in and day out, 'till it became moons
Seeing you there would almost make me swoon

But it could never work out, not with the timing
The years apart, relationahip present and ending
And your position in the place where we stayed
Distant, more experienced, not easily ignored or swayed
So I stood there blushing, hoping you'd never see
Just what a fantasizing mess you made out of me

Then events kept us both busy, and apart for days
We seemed to drift our separate ways
And as we did so, the sparks grew dim
Dulling the fantasies I held within
When time passed and we spoke again
I knew that we were only friends

And, quite contrary to every story I've heard
Of years of pining, unrequited love without a word
It was actually better than the way it was before
There weren't akward feelings I had to keep watch for
I became more relaxed, and I had more fun when we talked
And I became freer and goofier as we walked
And I was comfortable enough to get much closer to you
Now that the dynamic was the same from both our views
I once thought otherwise, but in the end
I found we were much better as friends
Actually based on two different people, because I somehow got into this situation twice in the past couple of years.
Written by
Breeze-Mist  19/F/North America
(19/F/North America)   
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