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Jul 2018
you would sometimes pick up the phone
and whisper, "i love you" to me
whenever strange signs you
wish would happen happens
every 1st day of the 1st week of every
month you'd send me sweet loveletters
inside pink envelopes mailing them
a week before since post moves
slow but i wonder how it gets there
exactly when you want it to be

and when you wanted to break up
you got what you asked for
how i cried for hours after dark
and maybe float my head while
in school trying to conjure up
ways to make you mine again

i had the that last chance
dated august 14th
you had practice of your sport
and i see you flying your
ways in your shorts
sweaty with the passions
gritty on demand
a bunch of flowers in my hand
you saw me saw you
and you closed the gap between us
just to rub my hair all wrong again
you walked away
i walked away

i never saw you then
since high school flies
as people move on to places
sometimes forced; others out of open will
i was one of the middle kind
forced to get away from all the bad memories
openly running as far as my feet can bare
but before leaving
i took our old telephone set
and its still with me in my apartment
then id wish for strange signs
like maybe if i see a man in a red shirt
in a red car you'd find a way to call me
and maybe whisper "i love you" again
Written by
fifth  M
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