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Jun 2018
We will fulfill LOVE's promises
The sun, the moon, the stars, the night
We will fulfill LOVE's vows
The flowers, the clouds, the breeze, the birds
Our LOVE will remain like this nature's bounty

When fate made us meet
We met at the horizon
Where the sky meets the earth

When LOVE happened between us
The BLUE became red, yellow and orange

We've experienced a blissful heaven
Where all inner-flowers bloom
And our heart-bees hum
As if we have found our SOUL
Made for each other

We became each other's
Candle and light
Moon and stars
Clouds and rain
Sun and sunshine
Sadness and tears
Joys and happiness

Our souls-connect awakened
All colors of dormant LOVE
Like a single rainbow of VIBGYOR

Come and let us become ONE forever
Let us fulfill our LOVE's promises
Let us fulfill our LOVE's vows

Even as strangers -
Our LOVE recognized each other
Our happiness and sadness merged
Into LOVE's joyful tears

Our LOVE story shows the world
True LOVE never dies
True LOVE lives forever
Such mad and true LOVERS
Like Romeo-Zuliet, Layla Majnun -
Our LOVE re-creates LOVE's essentials

How much ever the mind tries to reason out
"Oh heart, please do not LOVE"
Like the moon glowing
In dark sky of the night
Like the sun shining
In the blue skies of the day
Our LOVE could not be hidden
By any human practicality prisons

The heart where LOVE flames are ignited
The coals catches the ember glow
Is the sanctum of LOVE's idol
The molten lava of LOVE
Melts the life's hardened stone-rocks

Let our life take us any where
Unaware of the journey
And/or the destination
Let it not change our LOVE a bit
In attempt to live life
Seeking "Spiritual enlightenment"
Let us worship with devotion
Our LOVE's divine blessings

Our bond of LOVE is strong
As strong as nature's permanence

We will unite in ONE-LOVE within our core
Like two galaxies merging into ONE Black-Hole
VIBGYOR - Vilet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red
Melancholy of Innocence
Written by
Melancholy of Innocence  Planet Earth
(Planet Earth)   
         Nylee, M-E, Bijan Rabiee, Sushmita, Ben Noah Suri and 39 others
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