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Jun 2018
Star eyed girl whose eyes brighten the world,
and whose benign smile maketh my heart melt,
Star eyed girl whose gentle gaze peers into my soul,
and whose tender touch makes my entire being whole,
Star eyed girl whose heart is deeper than the depths of the ocean,
and whose tender embrace makes infinity go in one swift motion,
Star eyed girl with perfect form,
and who from angels is born,
Star eyed girl who had this young lad smitten,
and whose alluring nature has caused for these words to be written,

O Woe! But alas the world has gone dark for I have lost the light that was once mine,
All the parts of my being that know sadness and pain are now all that shine,
They shine where your luminous eyes used to shine ever so bright,
Where they shone with the intensity to pierce through the coldness of my heart's night,
and whose resplendent hue gave a thousand men the valor to fight,
Where they made all the wicked of the world seem alright,

Now I am left alone wavering in the dark,
Hoping that Cupid exists so that he can give me an arrow or even a dart,
So that Star Eyed Girl I may once more win over your heart,
So that Star Eyed Girl I may hold you once more and stop falling apart,
I know alas that he does not,
I think to myself however that it was a beautiful thought,

And even though Cupid and his arrows may not exist,
My love for you, true as the ink on this paper... is
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