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Jun 2018
They're no friends of mine
Why would I want that in my life
All they bring is misery and pain
Nothing but bullies
I get lost in the rain
Trying to escape
Escape the suffering
I want something better
Something tangible and real
Though it wouldn't be smart to think I can get away from pain.
It's always going to be out there. Waiting.
It's how I handle it is what's going to be sane
Maybe these bullies, society who are dum about mental illness and try to make things harder on me, are ****** in the head. They're the head cases that need the help. But I'm still going to be me, that's all I have, I can't trust no one else, and they ain't going to ******* change that.
james arthur powell
Written by
james arthur powell  44/M/Dubois, Pa
(44/M/Dubois, Pa)   
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