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Jun 2018
Progress is what we denote our history
but I think every human
must be high on helium
a rapidly depleting natural gas  
But we'll still frack the Earth up her ***
'till Cheney's great-grandkids choke
on air that weighs a couple ton
So instead of crying, Heil! I-burnt-a-ton!
He'll be saying, I failed ya son    

It's billionaires tricking millionaires
and poor funeral expenses heirs
They say the pretension is concentrated
in the impoverished to middling educated

"Those ***** Planeteers driving Priuses
and demanding taxes for their green agenda
Taking subsidies away from good ol' coal and oil
Like the Earth's more important than employment

Jesus was a carpenter, even he had a job
and there's still plenty of resources left to use up
Once the last drop of oil is drilled, the last animal's dead
Then the carpenter will come back to judge your soul

Hopefully you didn't waste your time
trying to save what was meant for man"
Kagey Sage
Written by
Kagey Sage  Rochester, NY
(Rochester, NY)   
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