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Jun 2018
Sometimes I fear
That the hate in this world
Is seeping through my skin
Taking away the joy
That I have had for life
That constant self reminder
To stay positive
--at times
Seems to be drowned
By the hatefulness
Of some people
Who just can't help it
Or who were never taught
Or who cannot be taught
There are days when I look up
To appreciate the sky's beauty
And feel the air tasseling my hair
With the sun warm on my skin
And I take it in
Because I'm afraid
The world has turned against itself
We have made fools of ourselves
Turning against each other
How have we not learned
That things are better
when we stick together
And I think everyone knows:
If we had a chance to pick
This is not the world we would have chose
Stop evolving into a species of hate
Because before we know it,
it'll be too late
I've been seeing so many negative things happening and it's so constant and saddening. I don't know if it's this age of social media that does a good job of reminding me of the things that go on in the world. I feel helpless at times knowing I can't do anything about them.
Agnis Lynota
Written by
Agnis Lynota  24/F/Out of the Box
(24/F/Out of the Box)   
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