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Jun 26
I stare into space within these four walls of mine.
What holds my personal belongs.
What expresses some of inch of who I am.
What keeps my heart entirely part from the rest.
These four walls is what I call own space.
Where my bed belongs at the time being.
The bed that hold the memories of myself.
The memories that lingers in my mind.
As I lay here and stare into space,
I feel that frustration of just wanting to quit.
But then same time I can not quit.
These four walls that keep me sane when I am wanting to unleash the beast.
Where I can pump my music loud without being disturb.
Where I can unleash my creativity at the time being.
These four walls where I stare into space is what I can call my own until I can have more walls with multiple rooms and tremendous space of my own.
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