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Jun 2018
Can they be together
If the waves climbed high ?
Can they still be lovers
If the sun sinked so deep?

Will they know how to talk
When the wind howls?
Will they know how to walk
When the clouds cover the stars ?

If the pen is out of ink
Will the letters stop?

What if
Their eyes turned out to be
Boxes made of steel

What if
Their hearts
Were too scared to feel

If their souls
Were making ladders
Out of the grass ground they step on
To hold hands

If their minds
Were inventing sweet dreams
After each long talk

And the air they breath
Can carry extra life
The steps they take
Can stretch to miles

The music they love
Can turn the place to be
A sea shore or a lush park
Can build a time machine
Out of the perfect rhythms
Taking them to another era
To their home

One likes to write
One likes to read
One likes to sing
One likes to hear

They both can stay
They both can feel
Rowan Ayman
Written by
Rowan Ayman  18/F
     Sameer khan, Fawn, Geanna and Wordmancer
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