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Jun 2018
lately at night i have
felt so close to the moon
but not close meaning distance
but close meaning
the moon is sending me on a mission
of ceasing mourning it’s taking me
to a universe i always
begged to live on
i mean the moon has me under its
an aura of another soul
they feel incredibly heavy
their emotions melting into my skin
a teenage heart can only hold so much
the moon is sending me on a mission
to test the winds strength
to blow my mind to a far away place
more unique than outer space
i am astronaut
locked and vacant
this place is forever sacred
this is where the memories were vacuumed into a black hole
i can finally feel my refreshed soul
my mouth open
my lips a small canal
ready for mother nature’s
water to slither through and set sail
a body of hope
eager for coconut oils to smooth the edges of the broken fold
the moon is sending me on a mission
and maybe it’s not for me to rebuild my world
i do want to start over
allow the atmosphere of outer space be my admirer
make it my safe place
the moon
circumference wide like the opportunities
filling cylinders with mace
sun glazin on my skin
this mission
was so
Niesha Radovanic
Written by
Niesha Radovanic
       TSPoetry, georgia sophie and Shadow Dragon
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