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Jun 2018
My life is alot different now
Without you
I can go weeks and months
Without even thinking of you
And when I do
It's all pain
The horrible truth of what you did
Pain all the same
And even that
Is getting less and less
Because I have someone new
And because I'm better without you.
I never needed you
To be happy
I never needed you
To love my self
Of course there's plenty of blame
To go around
But I'm not the one that cheated
I'm not the one that didn't care
One day I'll wake up
With my Love's arms around me
And you'll be nothing
But a painful memory.
A time where I
Naive and gullible
Thought you loved me
Thought you cared
But I was just ensnared.
A prisoner to your whim
A slave to your needs
You got what you wanted
And I got to leave.

But now my boo
He holds my heart
He always makes me laugh
And says sorry when he farts
He loves to cuddle
And he loves to kiss
Being with him
Has been such bliss.
He listens to me
And helps me fix my problems
It's always an adventure with him
And no one can top him.

In a way
I'm glad you happened
I'm glad you came into my life
And I'm glad you left it
You helped me see
What a relationship shouldn't be
And my only regret
Is that it took me so long to realize it.
You couldn't have been
A more perfect teacher
And this is the last I'm writing about you
Because you aren't worth my time
Not worth my words
And not worth my energy.
Hayden Emily Rose Zhara
   Marga 梅香
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