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Nov 2012
September Twenty First,
International Peace Day.
Randomly placed flyers
try to remind us of the peace
the world has supposedly achieved.
They’re taped on already busy walls,
Layered on top of other announcements,
They way propaganda usually
Layers pride on top of lies.
But all these posters,
Multitudes of colorful rectangles,
Shouting dates and times,
About an upcoming bake sale,
Or when swing dancing club meets,
Lose their voices.
They become unheard by the college students
That walk by with deaf ears.
It is on this day,
That I get a call,
Form my best friend of seven years,
Letting me know of his safe arrival
In Afghanistan,
For his nine-month stay.
A man in the U.S. Army.
He forfeited his freedom
To the United States government,
Sold his soul to Sam,
The long lost uncle,
Of his new found family.
Strangers that have become brothers and sisters.
All leaves on the military family tree
Carried on patriotic winds
To unfamiliar lands of irony
Where people are forced to fight for peace.
Deaths simply become statistics
We hear numbers instead of names
Losing the identity of those willing
To pay the price for peace.
Their bloodshed is our freedom
Flags folded for families.
Happy International Peace Day.
Critiques or suggestions always welcome :)
Tyler Loeslein
Written by
Tyler Loeslein  Maryland
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