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Jun 2018
Oncoming trains stop in ghost towns
Riding the rails searching for a cozy habitation
High minded bright future let downs
All aboard! This trains on a mission

Seeking out souls with open invitations
Unaware of evil thirsty and dry
Creeping through tainted music, games that ****** the minds limitations  
Subtle is a lonely heart catching the line

Suffering in silence
The victims of evil onslaught
Driven into oblivion’s ice
Petrified convinced naught

Gravity builds these towers
Captives chained for loss
Never a spark of light as these wallflowers
Crippled within tracks of albatross

Loved ones just roll their eyes
Misunderstanding the tormented soul’s daunted pain
Doctors give meds to subdue disguise
Exchanging hallucinations to the already traumatized shackled in shame

Such wide spread casualties swept under society’s carpet in legions
Doctors don’t have a clue
Jesus said demons like these
It’s with much prayer that they can be rescued

Darkness lies and deceives
To keep the Light at bay
Force feeding anger towards themselves misleads
As gangrene eats at its prey

Whistle blows to gather momentum
Picking up speed aborting sleep in endless nights
Hungover in a lifeless form of
incompetence within them
Despair heightens as curtains close melting in paranoia bites

Listen to one who escaped
Through a crack in the light of day
Waiting on the Lord as the whistle blew I begged to liberate
Believing in POWER of Jesus there’s a way

Knowing and trusting is a firm foundation
Don’t anyone tell me it can’t be done
Even Christian drs said no way impossible denunciation
My God performed the impossible and then some

He changed my way of thinking
Not an overnight quick fix
Gradually through His Word continually seeking
I’m off the demons list!

Still the watch keeps on daily
Focusing on Jesus INside
No more dwelling on dark evil history
Just beaming in the afterglow never allowing that whistle to blow out my light

Your hearing from One who knows
The sufferings painfully endured engineering suicides
I’m telling you there is help to those
Who believe and want to end their oncoming train at the core and deride

All aboard!
Or not
Skip the train ride’s *****
Let her pass on by with a blind spot

Your riding on a different wave
High on the power
Being a survivor Jesus saved
Enemies are devoured

In Jesus Name
Written by
tinhearts  Florida
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