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Jun 2018
You and I know very well, my ludicrous front yard
Maybe that's why you always are very very ******
Plus maybe it's also the fact that I am your best friend
That made your old fashioned brain go for a new trend
I know that whatever this is is making you go mad
Not the ballistic kind, just the craziness, makes us very glad
That on that golden day we met
And talked about things we haven't yet
Fully analysed, examined, evaluated
Or interpreted, investigated and completed
I know this thing sounds total *******
Utter gibberish and kinda tubbish
But it's from a real friend
You'll just have to comprehend
That there is something behind this script
That says that that superfluous uncalled for rift
Need not have happened, for it broke a chain
The result being a destructive reign
Of fate, of hope, of never ending loss
Begone, reborn, an off the cliff toss
And don't be angered, oh pretty please
That I've given this hamper, all in threes
And just say, 'Oh and thank you kindly,
But next time, please, don't do it snidely
                - Rizna M. Rameez (12 yrs)
                         June 2015
June 2015 - One of my first poems, a good bye poem to my BFFs. Which, by the way, I haven't given to them yet because I haven't seen them afterwards.
Rizna M Rameez
Written by
Rizna M Rameez  16/F/Gryffindor!
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