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Jun 2018
He looks so nice and well mannered
But nobody knows his standard
He hates so much color
I think he lives in black and white
Because if your brown
He will erase you out of spite
My next door terrorist
Has a pool and family
Real American dream
However his nightmares
would make you scream
He envisions a world where his people are on top
As if we were the ones taking a shot
To prideful to admit he’s wrong
He gladly **** you
If you sang your own song
My next door terrorist
Is loved by the neighborhood
They say he is sweet
Don’t let the blonde hair fool you
He’d cut me open like meat
His room riddled with posters of trump
And flags of hate
With one mission in mind
To eliminate
My next door terrorist
Is considered shy and shut in
Misunderstood some would say
Would they still call him that
If he used a gun to spray
And exterminate my race away?
My next door terriost
We all know to well
He was bullied or needed a hug
So why am I under his shoe like a bug
My next door terrorist  
Goes to church and sings in the choir
My life and many other like mine
Is all he desires
So to my next door terrorist
I’m sure you will go free
Because no matter what you do
I’m the only threat the world
Will ever see
Miguel Carmona III
Written by
Miguel Carmona III  25/M/Atlanta
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