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Jun 2018
I just can't wait to see you
After colors wash off from my face and you fly back to your freedom land
I want to clench you drop by drop
upto the brim of my hands
Then make my hands touch my face softly
Maybe savor you from my lips

To be with you in dawn
Maybe just watch you disintegrate into me
Water touching swiftly the shore as if to want something from the field
Leaf lying to get across in its flow wanting to be in its journey
Small planked boats
Squik !! As we sat on it
Hurdling our way to peace
I see you in calm with the sky
With the lake
With the hurdle you sway
And maybe with me too
We threw pebbles just as everyone
To the level the rise in our presence

I look down upon the lake

To see our reflections in the lake as happy
One stone, it's sad
Two stone , you are gone
Maybe I lied

I just can't wait to see you
And wonder all this again.....
This is something I wrote for a girl who lives in a different country than mine.
It was the day of 'Holi' (a festival of colors in India)  and it was also time for a week long holiday where she had gone to her home ( maybe in qatar)
This is just my fantasy about her, I have not met her officially , that is why all that description of spending time with her and meeting is kind of just my imagination. I wish I could meet her but rather I only watch her from my seat trying not be noticed.
But I literally want nothing more than seeing her in my college, that is all this poem comes to an end.
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