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Jun 2018
moments when i can run my fingers against the fogged up windows and see

the glass feels so thin right then
like we could just make one synchronized move together and it would break

through the glass i can see calmness
there is no wall anymore, no glass
only surmountable obstacles we know we can endure

just past this glass

the glass isn’t going anywhere anytime soon though
it will stay no matter how much we pound at it

our hands are still bleeding from the last time we tried, remember?
of course you do
it feels like you take pride in never forgetting

i know- this never can be
i know it’s just pretend
but i like to wipe my sleeve across the glass anyways
eyes squinting
heart racing
just to see a glance of what could be
i’ll press my lips against the glass
pretend we’re kissing
hold my hand
imagine it in your head
while i place my hand on cold hard glass instead
imagine the heat was able to transfer through
imagine how warm my arms would feel around you

but that isn’t what we do

you love to fog up the glass
standing there from the other side
you love to push this away
even though i’m already as far away
as i could ever be
and while you hastily breath a puff of vapor into the freezing air
i watch as it blurs my view
distorts your face
and i turn away from the window
push my back against bricks
and wonder how i could shake the world so the glass would shatter and lead to a path
right to you
but there’s nothing i can do

we stand on opposite sides
wishing left and right was just
yeet im being angsty for no reason. Long distance cruSh ****
Written by
mint  18/F/cali
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