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Nov 2012
Shake it
What do you hear?
Hold it
What do you feel?
Sniff it
What do you smell?
View it
What do you see?

The angst to know
What lies inside
Is hard to hide.
It’s mystery,
And it’s ****.

The beginning,
The middle, and,
The end of time
All consist of
Some unknown rhyme,
Unknown reason.

The want to know,
The need to find
Consumes the mind.
Creates motive,
Motive creates

Being ****
Leads to lust.
A want to know
Becomes a must.
A mystery
That cant be touched
Is like a star
That can’t be seen.

Glowing somewhere
In the distance
We search and search
For what’s hidden.
Can it be found?
Maybe it won’t,
Maybe it will.

Until it is
The mystery
Remains ****
And a turn on
To the conscious
Lustful fervor.

The dark abyss
Of mystery
Is an ocean
That is raging
With sexiness.
Nebulous the Poet
Written by
Nebulous the Poet
   Lina Eltahir and ---
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