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Jun 2018
She awakens.

Not expecting the rush..
the relief...
the gratitude...
Not expecting this chance to dance another day.

Not expecting the chance...
The courage..
To finally ask which way is up.

And finally hearing the answer.

And knowing exactly where to go.
For any concerned readers this is not a current state of mind (but not total fiction, years ago I was diagnosed with major depression and overcame it so definitely empathy here) but the recent celebrity suicides have made me wonder - what if their failure to succeed or even better earlier recognition they were in trouble could have been the catalyst to either destimatizing depression rather than their success?  Why is depression or anxiety considered to be weak when practically every person I have ever met has dealt with it to some degree?  How do we change this?
Jeannie Kristufek Hawrysz
Written by
Jeannie Kristufek Hawrysz  Wake Forest, NC
(Wake Forest, NC)   
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