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Jun 2018
Senator Bob Corker° refers
To what has become the scary result
Of blind devotion to Donald Trump.
He calls the movement a GOP cult.

It's easy to join the cult if you
Don't mind sacrificing free will.
Getting out of the cult is another
Story; that will take some skill.

Members lose their sense of self
When they join the Cult of Trump.
When Trump says "Bow!" they all bow;
When he says "Jump!" boy they jump!

Cult members in Congress have
Handed legislative power
Over to Trump, their supreme
Leader before whom they cower.

Regarding constitutional
Authority: will it last?
Or will it suffer a slow death
And thus become a thing of the past?

All the Leader has to say
Is "They are wrong and I am right,"
And followers agree en masse.
Not to agree would be impolite.

Effusive praise and allegiance must go
To the Leader who is all-about-me.
He says he knows what's good for you.
Woe to you if you disagree.

It used to be that presidents
Worked for the people, but we have found
That currently with the Cult of Trump,
It's the other way around.

How many more will drink the Kool-Aid?
Who else will fall under Trump's spell?
Remember Jonestown? In the end,
Things did not go very well.

-by Bob B (6-14-18)

°Republican Senator from Tennessee
Bob B
Written by
Bob B
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