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Jun 2018
She goes through introspective prayer
yet holds me heavy in her heart . . .  
or do I picture this because she blew it from the start.

How can I sincerely forgive her with time,
in this crazy world where it's me I can't find,
instead I find she’s just like every other lying girl  I’ve left behind.

So even if I let her go,
the time has passed with no console
as I sit so far below
in the dim lighted life I show.

Remorse to what?
This is all I know,
falling in love with a girl that’s trying to take control
but I’ve seen this all before,
for I am what was planted
and this has been my growth.

From the bellows of the snow
I grew a strange ill figured rose
she’s come to love because of all my prose.

I grew reaching
for all the gifts,
that with time
always trying to reach
for all that's gold
or close to the color sunny glow.  

Yet at times I’m  withered to find
that no one knows the torment
of growing alone yet so bold.

So I feel it’s so strange
she thought she had a hold
of a feeble mind
she somehow thought
she could control.

Little does she know
I’m an old soul
and life speaks to me,
we’re a constant of human nature
that vibe through life
on different  frequencies.

Though the  explanations of it
I honestly don't know
but somehow I move
like a consistent flow.

It seems like my surroundings
just grow and grow,
trying to swallow me whole,
all the while I’m running fast for life
but at the same time I try to take life slow.-JS
If I slow my roll will I eventually overthrow the destructive self whom is in control of  a human who has grown so oddly fond of the unknown
Written by
JS  Los Angeles
(Los Angeles)   
     --- and olivia
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