Jun 13
German- Vampir
French- Vampire
English- Vampire

The word itself dates backs hundreds of years to Turkish descent and even beyond that.... Vampire

The amount of culture surrounding this one word is astounding and rich in lore

An undead immortal that preys on mortals for their blood, to live all eternity with an insatiable lust for blood.
Damned creatures without a soul

Vampires that isΒ Β 

From movies dating back to bram stokers Dracula to current films such as blade and even the likes of twilight and TV shows such as vampire diaries

But those are only one tale of vampires, see amongst polish and Romanian culture they were known as Strigoi
Spirts come back from the grave to feast on the living

Its amazing really, all these variations
The English word vampire was borrowed from the French

I really wonder what it's like to be immortal
To be able to regenerate and regrow limbs
To have immeasurable speed and inhumane strength
All of this comes at a price, a hunger really

I think that amongst myths and lore, vampires might be the best reflections of ourselves, what it actually means to be human
To fall prey to vices such as lust and greed
Even the shedding of blood and causing harm to others

All an addiction, a hunger, an insatiable lust that we all have yet different amongst us all

My hunger.... that's simple it's her,Β Β it always has been, the thing I've been searching for if I was a vampire she would be my ideal prey to caress, to feed off, to be with, and to fuck.

She is mine and she brings out the hunger in me so in a way she makes me into a vampire

My queen

But that's just mine....

The real question you have to ask yourself is
Are you in control of your addiction
Or does it control you?
Tony Cortez
Written by
Tony Cortez  19/M/Chicago
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