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Jun 13
A million more chances

Some people they get to live forever;
Some people do not have the same luck.
I want to go on until the other end of the never,
But fate has decided my time is up.

If only I had a million more chances.
A million more attempts to live life to the full.
Maybe I could find the antidote;
If only I could read every single book.

If only I could; if only.
Maybe I would not have to feel so lonely,
Because nobody understands the pain that is my life!
I am not and never will be ready to walk into the light.

My hope is in Pandora’s box;
I wish I could just pick that lock,
But I cannot, for the fear is too strong.
I guess this is my lot.

Exhausted from the thought of it all;
No key to be found to walk through a sliding door.
In a life so short, why was it all such a chore?
A battle for life; a love I never saw.
I only glimpsed at what could have been,
But now that desire has gone; I have lost everything.

I could never try, without somebody at my side.
I cry all the time, because all I want is a life
And a love life too; is that too much to ask?
Please do not take this all from me.
Please do not take it all back.

As the depression kicks in,
I sink into the abyss.
The loneliness of me, the pity, the lost wishes;
Let me live.
If this is what must be, then why must it be me?
I want to live, I want to live;
I want to be set free.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey
Written by
Aa Harvey
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