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Jun 2018
wolf whistles, cat calls
She hears them everyday
On the roads she takes
And even at school
Everytime she walks by
You tell her she is beautiful
But me,
Im invisible
Cause by society's standard
Im not beautiful
By society
I mean people like you
You think you are degrading me
But to me its a relief
A sign which tells me
That im different
At least Ill know that people like me for me
Not just my looks
Cause god knows people dont befriend another
Unless they are either pretty famous or rich
Its sadly the condition of the world we live in
A world full of selfish people
Now, you might also think by doing that
You make me feel ****
Self concious
Foreign in my own body
You cant be anymore wrong
I know Im beautiful
Real beauty is a kind heart
Not just flawless skin
Real beauty is inside us
Its magical and special
Unique for each person
In their own way
So dont go around
Throwing aound such a
Wrong concept of what beauty is
Cause in the end
Its the inner beauty
That would matter to the person
With a mind open to the world
And a heart beating in rhythm
For a long awaited love
Written by
Ijla  19/F/Maldives
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