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Jun 2018
In the west winds splashes a fountain down beneath
A furrow has been dug to send the waves of the waters to civilization
Oh civilisation, how we overlook the green leaves and large strong brown bark
And the sound of crickets that we miss as we play loudly the stereo in our cars
How we miss the warmth just before sunset and mislead ourselves into thinking that our bedrooms are fervor's comfort
We miss the softness of sand and chase the pair of shoes with the thickest sole
So many holes are drilled into our souls
Even showers aren't enough to open up our pores
And the television romance to convince us of an ease of sores

My goodness will we ever know
But wait til it rains, hails or snows
Then we know that it is this cult or that which defines our goals
Big dreams make shacks of our mansion homes
We wish upon a star to guide us close
Nearer to our ambitions so we walk tough and keep a mental bold
Moonshine at noon time perhaps luck will get us there before we're old
As long as as we will still glow as gold even if the furrows on our faces we cannot fold
There can be a chip in cast iron I am told
We like to believe we are titanium, an invincible mould
It keeps us away from dying, so we we aim for the tall tree and keep climbing
With ice hockey sticks we keep gliding
Hoping we have enough ballet lift so we don't break our toes as we try to brake and move forth slow

It is comforting to know that we will leave our illusions before we are mediocre
Before our memoirs and escapades become archaic
We will reminisce and hiss as we miss the kiss or heaven's lips as we glisten with magic in our eyes
Maybe then we'll listen to the vision of intuition that keeps us on our stride away from derision
We will at once know that we have lived and this life has been a universal whistle because it can end faster than a round exits a pistol.
Written by
Nhlekeleza  29/M/Witbank
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