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Jun 2018
I wished upon a star and I gazed upon her face,
for a moment I went numb,
for a moment I went deaf,
the clichΓ© is true,
love is defiantly blind,
it's ruthless,
it's unpredictable,
and it wreaks havoc in our souls,

love is the ruler of my mind,
my heart is like a helpless slave,
I carry chains of hopeless passion,
love is my never ending hunger,
love is the most important thing of all,
without love I'm nothing but a king of my internal abyss,
nothing compares to the compassionate warmth of another,
loving someone from scratch is like creating a beautiful painting,
when your glittering auras dance in the beautiful moonlight,
when you see past each other's eyes you can feel the sparks fly,
In that very moment everything's perfect,

she made my whole world stop,
like being frozen in time,
like traveling to another dimension,
She rearranged the cosmos,
I gave her all I could give,
I gave her all of me,
but just like the sands of time,
love forever escapes my grip,
if I ever find my twin flame,
she'll be all that I want,
for all I'll ever truly need is my one true love
Written by
Steve  24/M/New York
(24/M/New York)   
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