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Jun 22
i have memorized the different types
of blue that resides in your bright eyes.

i have memorized the feeling of your hand
on my knee under the table.

i have memorized your favorite
songs and t.v. shows and books.

i have memorized the way your
lips feel on mine.

crazy, huh?

the way i've gotten closer to you
than i could ever dream of.

crazy, huh?

how you gush about me to your friends,
just like how i used to.

so maybe now you're memorizing
the way my hair falls into my face.

and maybe you're memorizing
the way i bite my lip when i smile.

and maybe, just maybe you're memorizing
the look in my eye when i see you.

crazy, huh?
bailey goranson
Written by
bailey goranson  14/F/chicago, il
(14/F/chicago, il)   
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